Saturday, April 14, 2007

William, Kate, and Other Tales

As many of us who have experienced a breakup in the past know, there are a no of reasons and factors. I wouldn't want to speculate why Prince William and his girlfriend have split up, but isn't it amazing that when the media speculate on the reasons (when it is really none of our business), they don't mention themselves, or the many who lap up all the details of celebrity life in newspapers, magazines, radio etc.. etc..
Rather like the newspapers who have attacked those sailors who sold their story about their captivity in Iran. I agree tht they shouldn't have sold their story, but how convenient that they didn't mention their own original involvement and of course many people will be reading those stories, tutting away, and being blithely unaware, or turning a blind eye, of the whole story.
I'd better leave it there, it's when I am in moods like these that I have a tendency to take a morally superior attitude, which is almost always in danger of crossing into some sort of hypocritical area.
Mind you, I can't resist pointing this out. It may be smug, arrogant, and superior of me but it is also true. Want a lesson in the world of wannabe middle class nasty bovver boy hypocricy? Read the Daily Mail! A newspaper which, if it were a person, would be a noveau riche snob that is claiming to be in the upmarket club of papers it lacks the manners and finesse to join. You can say all you like about red tops, one thing you can't say is that they don't try and hide what they are generally speaking!


BaldockBaldrick said...

A couple of points Mr B.
1. I think you would agree that the break-up of Prince William and his gf is newsworthy. It is therefore the business of the media to find out and publish the reasons for this. After all, this is the future king we're talking about here.
2. The private life of a reporter is surely not newsworthy, but the private life of the future king is. Why would readers want to read about the lovelife of the political editor of the Guardian, the science editor at The Times etc?
3. You say "it may be smug, arrogant, and superior of me but it is also true". Paul, it is not true. You just think it is.

Praguetory said...

Nothing wrong with you getting on your high horse. I know what you're getting at and it's fair comment.

Paul Burgin said...


1. It is newsworthy but only to a point. Members of the Royal Family are entitled to a certain degree of privacy just like anyone else. There may be grey areas where that is concerned but generally speaking one would hope to treat them like fellow human beings

2.As for newspaper journos, I never advocated the same treatment, what I meant was that their media speculation about Prince William's relationship may have helped cause the split

3. What makes you think I am wrong? Unless of course you are an avid Daily Mail reader! What I despise about that paper is not that it is pro-Conservative (I happen to have a sneaking regard for the Daily Telegraph), that is their right and perogative. What I dislike is the way it gets aggresive and nasty and then claims to take the moral high ground. It also claims to be the voice of Middle England, when Middle England is probably more likely to read the Daily Telegraph, The Guardian, The Independent, or The Times. Newspapers that are broadsheets or were until recently. The Mail and The Express just happen to behave like red tops while claiming to be a bit more upmarket

BaldockBaldrick said...

Because I disagree with you you are suggesting that I must not only be a Mail reader but an avid one, a staunch advocate of the newspaper.
Am I therefore "one of them", a non-believer? You certainly are taking the moral high ground.
By the way I've added a link from my blog to yours...I'm sure we'll be great friends!

Paul Burgin said...

Oh so you admit to being a Mail reader! ;)
Look, I withdraw that bit of my argument, it was late, I was tired, and I went straight for the swift ill-thought out response.

Paul Burgin said...

Oh and thanks for the link

BaldockBaldrick said...

You mustn't apologise Mr B.
And i'll let you into a little secret...I'm not a Mail reader.