Saturday, June 09, 2007

Big Train on what Jesus has had to put up with!


One of my all-time favourite comedy sketches. A bit near the knuckle, butjust brilliant down to a tee!


The Labour Humanist said...

Have you seen any of the MR Deity sketches yet?

From my stand point they are hilarious, although wondered whether active Christians would feel uneasy about them. Although I've since read message boards with pastors saying they use the show in the classes!

PJP said...

Guess which of your favourite anon posters has got his own blog and ID?

I even advertised you on my blog! Only fair as your blog is the one that got me interested in the whole thing...! Hope you dont mind.

PS - Now you can see when i was actually arguing with you and when i was playing Devil's Advocate which makes me sad :-(

Paul Burgin said...

Labour Humanist. You would be surprised at how many Christians laugh at the idiosyncracies around their faith. Haven't seen the MR Deity sketches yet.. but will let you know what I think of them!