Sunday, June 24, 2007

Harriet the Deputy

(BBC Online)
" - it showed how scared they were of what he stood for. When his ascension was confirmed in the second ballot a week later, my fellow students and I drank a happy toast to this victory for socialism. I looked across to the Tory students on the other side of the University bar and they seemed to be celebrating something too. Perhaps it was someone's birthday I thought."

Thus spoke John O'Farrell in his book "Things Can Only Get Better: Eighteen Miserable Years in the Life of a Labour Supporter" on Michael Foot's election as Labour leader

Okay, Harriet Harman's election as Deputy leader wasn't nearly as catastrophic, but can any reader who voted for her explain why, when the result was declared, one of my Tory relatives has been making smug comments to me in the past half hour, and why some Tory bloggers have reacted like this ? Perhaps if she had put her main reasons for being Deputy other than simply being a woman, I wouldn't feel so concerned.

Iain Dale is right in one sense though. Gordon is a formidable opponent for the Tories (His speech was utterly fantastic and it's a real boost to have him in the helm). Just a pity we didn't give them a "Double Whammy". Plus the latest opinion polls were a good start to the day :)
And at the end of the day Harriet is now Deputy leader :/, so we now need to pull around her.


blowing bubbles - everyday social democracy said...

Always grateful for such respectful comments. This reminds me of when Segolene Royal/Hilary Clinton/Michelle Bachelet stood for leader. Harriet promised that Labour should "drop its guard" and she led the way, like Jon Cruddas, learning one of the key lessons of her own constituency. Campaigning from the grassroots, she addresses the challenges and opportunities of renewal in ways that connect more readily to people’s daily lives.

Paul Burgin said...

Well there is a point there, but she hasn't stood on a firm platform and she needs to toughen up her act so that she doesn't present the Tories with open goals

istanbultory said...

So remind me....why was it that Tony fired HH from the Cabinet in 1998 and never saw fit to bring her back into it. Perhaps TB realised that HH does have something of the mediocre about her.