Sunday, June 10, 2007

Katie and Diana

So the weeks news has been dominated by the antics of Katie Hopkins. Was this all a game plan of hers to knife her way through The Apprentice, only to jump ship at the crucial moment? How she seems to have a penchant for married men and leave a trail of devastation in her wake. Was that photo contrived? (I suspect it was. It looked too neat!)
It all leaves you wondering who the real Katie Hopkins is! Caring mother? Fun person who brings a bubbly ray of sunshine? Homewrecker? game player? B***h extraordinaire? And for that reason alone, because of her seeming lack of ethics and trustworthiness, I am not sure I would hire her if I were Sir Alan. I also wonder what has motivated her, what has made her like this. Yes she might have been bullied when younger, but so was I, so were many people, but many people don't behave like she did! Feel sorry for her though!
And yes this is "a game" in some respects and I will concede with gritted teeth that Katie has played it well, but what has it done for her reputation and long term chances and ability to move onwards and upwards in the media and business world? Even the best gamblers suffer heavy loses!
And talking of "The Media", I am disapointed that not surprised that Channel 4 decided to show that documentary. After all sensationalism sells. It's just a pity that they don't properly consider the feelings of those loved ones left behind and demean the memory of those who have died.

UPDATE: Katie Hopkins wants to become a Conservative MP. I had better leave it at that, or else a) I am in danger of doing a Katie and b) will get a whole load of unpleasant comments from Tory trolls! Suffice to say that if she does get accepted by the Conservatives, I wonder if they will give her a Northern constituency to fight ;)


PJP said...

As a Tory i would hate for her to be in any position of importance within the party. I can not stand her...If she was the Tory candidate in my constituency i would not even vote for her, let alone canvass etc!

Paul Linford said...

This may go without saying, Paul, but I think she needs Jesus in her life.

BaldockBaldrick said...

Update for you Paul:
She's been sakced from her job at The Met office, and was never earning £90,000 a year. What a surprise.

Paul Burgin said...

PJP, I would say exactly the same if she was the Labour candidate in my area

Paul. You are totally right of course, the problem with the likes of her is that personal dislike can easily get in the way, but I do feel sorry for Katie. I just think she is the sort of person you have to be very careful and guarded with!
BB, you see, not to be trusted!

PJP said...

The sad thing is, she wanted to be a celebrity, and now she is! I almost posted about her on my blog but did not want to give her the advertisment lol! (Thats NOT a dig at you for posting about her - i almost did.)

Paul Burgin said...

Well the old adage of "Be careful what you wish for!" is certainly true here

C4' said...

THAT woman is not welcome in the Conservatives party (unless she seduces Dave Cameron so that we can get rid of that left-wing druggie and replace him with William Hague)

Paul Burgin said...

I somehow doubt that will happen