Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Mars Hill Blog Stats (May 2007)

Better late than never

Top Ten Cities listed (from where people visit Mars Hill)

London, Bury St. Edmunds, Liverpool, Corunna, Chelmsford, Letchworth, Luxembourg, Stevenage, Plano, Milton Keynes

Top Ten Countries listed (In order of most visits to my blog)

United Kingdom

United States









For those who have started reading my blog in the last month, or who have returned after an absence, a warm welcome to you all

Top Ten Blog/Web Visitors

1) BaldockBaldrick (+8)

2) Kerron Cross - The Voice of the Delectable Left (+8)

3) The Done Thing (+1)

4) Cally's Kitchen (NEW-ish)

5) Jonathan Chilvers (NEW-ish)

6) Daily Referendum (NEW)

7) Paul Linford (-)

8) Iain Dale (-4)

9) Freemania (NEW-ish)

10) Bloggers4Labour (-4)

Out of the Top Ten are Conservative Mind , My BlogLog.com, Tim Roll-Pickering , and Brighton Regency Labour Party

Top Ten Searchwords that lead people to my blog

mars hill

chavs on mars

mars hill blog

david walliams labour party

vote saxon

miranda grell

life on mars final

paul mellor guitar

questionare for a coffee shop

luton labour blog election result


Icedink said...

Are you and Baldock Baldrick one and the same? That statement may well be defamatory of you both, but is is meant as affectionate teasing ;-))

BaldockBaldrick said...

I can assure you Mr Dink (can I call you that?) we are not the same person :)
It would be quite sad of Paul if he had started up an entirley different blog just to boost the ratings of his own Mars Hill site.
Sad, but quite funny.
I'm slightly shocked that I'm the top viewer on his blog. Do I really look at it that much? (Not that it's not a good blog you understand).

Icedink said...

Yes, Mr Dink is fine. I was suspicious, Baldock being quite a small place, that there should be two such prolific bloggers, but I accept your assurances. I am also surprised to figure in Paul's stats, though gratified as well. He articulates Leftish sentiments nicely, and being a fair-minded Tory boy, I both like this and find myself agreeing with some of it.

Paul Burgin said...

Thanks Icedink. There was even a third blogger from Baldock, see here


This one however is by me, which I badly need to update