Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Predictions! Well hopes for Tomorrow

I would like to speculate about who Gordon will have in his cabinet, but I fear about the amount of egg on my face and in any case those exercises can be affected by who the person speculating would want to see in the cabinet!
But I will mention who I think/hope will be promoted and who I think/hope will be out.


Tessa Jowell: The embarrasments involving her and her husband (and that includes the Bernie Ecclestone affair some years back), mean that she is damaged goods

Hilary Armstrong: Thats a given, but she let her temperemant and her emotions get the better of her and that caused problems at crucial moments

Peter Hain: He's not bad, and has been helpful over N.Ireland, but coming as low as he did in the Deputy leadership polls says something. For that reason I think Hazel Blears might have to go

John Reid: He is going anyway, but I can't see him in this forthcoming cabinet if he wasn't!

Margaret Beckett: Has not done anything outstanding, is oppurtunist (She was a Bennite until it was inconvenient, was unhelpful in the original push against Millitant, and helped kick Dick Taverne into the wilderness), and is too cold and aloof for my liking. I confess I have never taken to her personally or politically and in any case she should move aside for some fresh blood. Eighteen years at the top without doing anything spectacular is long enough

Margaret Hodge: I hope I don't have to spell out why! I think we should also look at her future as an MP!

The role of Attorney General will also have to be looked at. Perhaps chosen by an independent body?


Hilary Benn: Has done a superb job at DFiD

David Milliband: Likewise good at his brief and is popular amongst some within the Party

Yvette Cooper/Ed Balls: Have been helpful and unstintingly loyal

Douglas Alexander: Likewise

Stephen Timms: Is heavily involved with Faithgroups and has had a good Treasury record

Caroline Flint: Another long serving talent who deserves promotion

Looking forward to finding an edible hat to eat tomorrow! ;)


Icedink said...

Your predictions look pretty sound, though Ms Hewitt should be added to the list of those for the chop. But how about Quentin Davies? I don't think he was right to defect, but what an exit - and he sure is right about little Cameron.

BaldockBaldrick said...

Patricia Hewitt remains?