Friday, June 22, 2007

Smoking Ban - July 1st

(BBC Online)

Why? Well I am one of those non smokers (and before the accusations start, I was never a heavy or addicted smoker in the first place) who dislikes being near people smoking when I am at work, when I am in a pub or bar, when I am eating out. As far as I am concerned the smoking, no smoking barriers do not work as sometimes there is only a strip of space between the two areas. What's worse is that many of those who do smoke in view of the discomfort of others are the ones who get obnoxious when challenged, bleating on about "their rights!", which seems to be shorthand for "I am being selfish doing what I want and I don't care about anyone else in consequence!" If there is any type of individual that deserves to be rapped on the knuckles by society, it's people like that!

But the classic was last Sunday when David Hockney was interviewed by Andrew Marr on the Sunday AM programme. He called the new laws "Mean Spirited" which was interesting, as first of all the vote in the Commons which made this law was a free vote and many of the MP's who voted for the ban voted with the advice of various constituents ringing in their ears. Furthermore what would be "mean spirited" would be if the NHS forbade treatment of those who have smoking-related illnesses as it was "their fault", an argument that I have actually heard some advocate. Hockney just doesn't know when he has it good.

There, glad I got that rant off my chest!


Anonymous said...

As a smoker, I fully understand that some non-smokers are sensitive to smoke. I would be delighted to have proper separation of smoking and non-smoking areas - airports have airtight smoking lounges, so there's no reason why pubs and restaurants cannot.

Forcing us outside is just stupid, because we'll gather round the door for warmth, ensuring everyone entering or leaving the pub has to walk through a cloud of smoke.

I'm now living abroad, partly because of this kind of idiocy.

Paul Burgin said...

But what about the many areas, particually cafes and some pubs, where having two sepearate areas is impractical due to the layout of the place