Friday, June 29, 2007

Stephen Timms

I've been asked why Stephen Timms is not in the new cabinet and whether I have heard anything (given that both Stephen Timms and I are CSM members).
Aside from the fact that I am being flattered into thinking I have more of a finger on the political pulse than most other people, the fact is I have no idea* I am a bit disappointed as I think he is rather capable and was actually hoping he would be promoted. That said I am broadly happy with the reshuffle.

* Kerron is the best person to ask as he is a Vice Chair of CSM


Kerron said...

Sorry, only just read this.

The truth is I have heard a very good rumour as to a new job.

All I will say is that is very apt - but I would rather see him in the Cabinet.

Keep them peeled.

Kerron said...

Presume you saw his position as Vice Chair responsible for the Faith Communities. It is that to which I referred.