Thursday, June 07, 2007

Team Benn, Kerron, and last night's Apprentice

What a lot of you may not know is that not only have I been endorsing Hilary Benn on my blog, but I have been actively campaigning for him as well. So yesterday I turned up at Team Benn HQ in Central London and put in my share of the day's work.
It was my first day there so I didn't know quite what to expect, but before long I was putting info into the computer network and getting in touch with various local councillors up and down the country. Now that might not seem much, but to any seasoned campaigner such jobs are very useful because it gives you a first hand idea of what many voters are thinking. It was also helpful because the omens seem rather good at the moment, plus working with Team Benn is great fun, because not only are you supporting a candidate who is like a breath of fresh air, but also you are working alongside such a talented and decent minded team.
I left at about Four, as I needed to get home fairly early and also cram some shopping in, but I also had enough time to pop into Westminster and meet up with Kerron, who was working hard, although happy to give a few minutes of his time. I tell you this now, not only do I think Linsay is a good girlfriend for Kerron, she would make a good PA for him as well. Keeping order the moment Kerron's back is turned, and believe me that's vital.
Then home and last night I was watching that penultimate episode of The Apprentice. Was pleased Tre and Katie didn't make it to the final, because although both are very talented they have their flaws. Tre being unable to take criticism, Katie for being a bit of a bulldozer and for her unpleasant personal comments on other contestants. Was also pleased Kristina and Simon made it to the final and I would be happy to see either of them win. Simon for his hard work and gentle enthusiasm, Kristina for her grit and determination against the odds and managing not to be as unpleasant as Katie during their feud.
Incidentally I totally agree with Kerron in his assesment on Katie walking out of The Apprentice


Kerron said...

I think Linsay's many talents would be slightly under-used as a PA for me. ;-)

It is far more likely that in years to come I will be her PA when she is important and successful.

PS Don't think I had expressly said that I was dating Linsay on my own site, so thanks for breaking that exclusive! :-/

Paul Burgin said...

As I texted I am sorry about that, completely unintentional. You and Linsay have my full permision to hang me by my shoelaces on the clock hands of Big Ben :(

Kerron said...

I may hold you to that. ;-)