Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Things I Do Today

It's one of those days off which are very busy. I have already been at Team Benn HQ and did some more phoning-in, and having looked at the evidence so far, it looks positive so long as we keep our eyes on the ball and work like thunder.
This evening is also rather exciting in that Denis Healey will be speaking to the Labour History Group. Denis will be 90 in August and is still fairly active. As someone who was on the Labour front bench in the days of Hugh Gaitskell, held high office under Wilson and Callaghan, was Deputy leader of the Labour Party under Michael Foot, and who retired from frontline politics when Neil Kinnock was leader, his comments on today's political situations will be worth hearing.
In the meantime I have to do a little errand for my old friend Kerron, asI have a suspicion that if I don't, I will be hung by my shoelaces on the Clock Tower of Big Ben. Don't ask why! ;)


PJP said...

Why Benn out of interest? From a Tory point of view i would be more scared of Johnson.

Paul Burgin said...

Because Benn has experience as a Labour activist at local and national level. He is respected across the political spectrum, he has a good track record at DfID, and is a warm and decent human being