Sunday, July 29, 2007

At Last...

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It looks like that things may start to get back to normal in the Cotswolds a bit sooner than expected. What has been happening here has been rather close to my heart. For one thing I will be at Greenbelt in Cheltenham next month, for another I used to live in Enstone in Oxfordshire, which wasn't affected, but being slap bang in the Witney constituency is very near places that were.

Now I am not joining those who are quick to condemn David Cameron for going off to Rwanda, these things are always at the mercy of events, but what I will say is that Gordon Brown has not only visitied some of the affected areas but he also pledged more help, help which is now arriving. For those quick to defend Cameron at the enemy's lair known as CCHQ, I would respectfully ask what their spin would be if they were in government and Gordon Brown jetted off to Rwanda. Suddenly one suspects they would be less thoughtful and kind!


BaldockBaldrick said...

Paul, of course Brown can offer more help. He's the PM. Likewise, Brown can also take that help away.
Have you read last week's New Statesman? There is an interesting story about David Cameron and Andy Coulson calling up the BBC because they wanted coverage of the Tory leader's flood walkabout. See the story here:
Although I don't have a problem with Cameron going to Rwanda if he is going to demand good publicity he should also be willing to accept bad publicity.

Paul Burgin said...

I didn't know the Coulson story, says a lot