Thursday, July 19, 2007

Boris Johnson and Jaws

Boris has now been comparing himself to Mayor Vaughan in the film Jaws!
For those who haven't seen the film, a few things to consider.

  • Mayor Vaughan refused to close the local beaches on July 4th, in spite of the severe threat of a rogue man-eating shark scouring the area for food

  • As a result of this policy, which went against strong and informed opinion from those who were experts, a small child ended up killed by the shark in question

  • Mayor Vaughan came across in the film as self serving, opinionated, and more concerned about public perception and popularity than public safety!

To add to the gaffe, Johnson has stated that:

"A gigantic fish is eating all your constituents and he decides to keep the beaches open. OK, in that instance he was actually wrong. But in principle, we need more politicians like the mayor - we are often the only obstacle against all the nonsense which is really a massive conspiracy against the taxpayer."

Of course you can only be wrong once can't you. And how can you always be such a good judge as to what is nonsense and what is in the long-term, not short-term, public interest.


BaldockBaldrick said...

At least he didn't compare himself to the shark. Sheesh.

Paul Burgin said...

Yes, that brings all kinds of political jokes, images, and metaphors to mind which are just not worth dwelling on :/