Friday, July 13, 2007

Casinos and the Daily Mail

Like Kerron, there is one government policy over the past few years which I have strongly disagreed with, and that is the idea of Super Casinos in this country. Such places encourage misery, debts, break up familes, and has for the argument that they generate jobs, one might just as well argue for the creation of narcotic factories! Sometimes you have to oppose something purely on moral grounds.
But these events also create unlikely bedfellows, and so it is that I find that I am in agreement with the Daily Mail on this issue! In fact I find I agree with them when they sometimes attack David Cameron and when they sometimes say nice things about Gordon Brown. Could it be that we are seeing this newspaper become an honourable opponent of the "So, we meet again..." variety, rather than a nasty attack dog?
My answer to that is, whilst it's a pleasant surprise to see the Daily Mail agree with us on one or two things, be very, very careful. Recognition of a mutual enemy doesn't exonorate the sins of your allies, as the West noted in it's relations with Russia during World War II
Not that I am saying the Daily Mail is Communist you understand ;)


PJP said...

I, like yourself, was delighted to hear Brown has scrapped the Casino idea. There are other ways to regenerate areas without encouraging gambling. Whilst I have no problem with gambling and occasionaly enjoy a bet - govt. should not encourage it. It inflicts too much misery on too many lives.

Paul Burgin said...

Ah, a policy issue we agree on! ;)

PJP said...

There was something else! A long time ago and I do not remember what it was, but I remember us agreeing! Lol.