Friday, July 27, 2007

In Defence of Paul Dacre

I know, I know, this feels a bit strange for me as well...
Politics always creates unlikely treaties and allies, and so it is that the Daily Mail is being a bit more generous to Labour in government lately.
The fact that Brown is PM is no coincidence. He and Paul Dacre get along, but both do not share the same politics.
That said, according to Iain Dale, one or two of the hacks at the Mail, used to it's frequent savage onslaughts, are feeling a bit, well rather annoyed may be putting it lightly.
One danger in politics is that one can get so wrapped up in the process and the tribal wars that one sees the electorate as fodder and a means to an end. The media are just as guilty of this as the politicians, but it turns the public off, understandably not taking kindly to being treated in such a way.
What Brown and Dacre have in their relationship however is good for the political process. Dacre is not rooting for the government, he is treating it with respect. Likewise Brown may not be trying to get the Daily Mail to support Labour (although that would be rather nice), rather he wants the government to be treated as an honourable opponent, not subject to the vitriolic and personal abuse that the odd Mail journalist, and indeed a small no (I hope) of Mail readers, like to see inflicted on Labour like a baying audience in a Gladitorial arena. As far as they are concerned, the Conservatives have a God-given right to govern and they cannot tell the difference between abusing Labour and simply treating it as an opponent and if there is one trivial reason why the Conservatives should lose the next election, it is to further deprive them of that belief and make them beg for the chance to govern in the same way that Labour has to beg time and again.
So for those on both sides who want this new relationship to go, I say "look again!" Is the Daily Mail turning Labour or simply changing it's attitude!


BaldockBaldrick said...

I agree, Dacre isn't rooting for the Government, he is simply happy with Brown's new direciton. I'm not sure whether Brown is pandering to Middle England on purpose (I hope not because Middle England is not a nice place to be) or he is just righting some of the wrongs that Blair's governments brought in.

Paul Burgin said...

I think it's the latter