Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Out of Love with Russia!

As someone who loves Russia as a country, I am somewhat saddened by this development, but feel that the British government had no choice. There was a reasonable request for extradition based on the evidence given and the Russian authorities were somewhat unreasonable in response. Hopefully however this will come to a sensible resolution. Litvinenko's death was a cowardly and vile attack and one which put a lot of other peoples lives at risk. I just hope that the Russian government soberly reflect on that.

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Man in a shed said...

I doubt they will. They hold all the good cards and will play them. Including damaging BP and Shell - at great costs to UK pensioners in the future.

The government response has however been correct.

But the Russian's do have a point about our harbouring terrorists etc - as we are only just finding out.