Rose Tinted-Glasses

Whilst queueing up at my local bank today, I overheard two OAP's in front of me criticise a lot of what goes on in society today and that, apart from ration books, if only society was like the 1950s.
I could go into some argument against that, suffice to say that in the 1950s, many OAP's wanted to see a return to the Victorian era, and no doubt in the Victorian era....
My concern is that, in old age, I will wish life was just as it is today.
Apart from ration books of course ;)


Anonymous said…
I regularly have to bite my tongue around friends who think the 1930s were a Golden Age. Is bizarre.
Paul Burgin said…
I know. It's when you think of the things that were bad during those times tht the mind boggles!

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