Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The Thick of It

Saw the latest one-off episode the other evening and it was a delight to watch (but then I tend to have a sadistic sense of humour, so be warned). Not least seeing Malcolm Tucker having to making a humiliating apology of sorts to a cleaning lady and seeing various Spin Doctors and journalists run around like headless chickens, the former trying to back a candidate to replace the outgoing Prime Minister who will keep them their jobs, and the latter trying to get an exclusive in the small hours and getting constantly frustrated in the process. The comuppance at the end when Malcolm Tucker realises he hasn't been invited into the loop and is merely an accesory, the same going for his colleagues, is priceless, as are the jokes and indeed the characters. Especially the slightly dim and naive Olie trying to ingratiate himself into the inner circle and Jamie, the hack who has severe anger management problems and is unhelpful in backroom, let alone frontline, politics of Westminster.
Definetly worth watching.

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Tom Freeman said...

It was hilarious! I didn't know anything about the characters (I'm a politics geek and an Iannucci fan and yet somehow I'd managed never to see a single episode) but still I couldn't help laughing out loud throughout.

The most inventive swearing I've heard in a long time...