Thursday, July 12, 2007

Tory Flyposter Gang in Ealing attack Labour activist!

No, it's no joke in poor taste, you can see it here (Hat tip to Recess Monkey)

It's a disgrace, but not all that surprising, and I doubt the Tories will even bother to try and find out anything about it!


Man in a shed said...

Odd the video clip you have doesn't match your title. I don't think any reasonable person who hasn't a bad bout of bye-election disease would regard that as an attack.

Not that its the right way to behave. I imagine a lot of people are be engaged by politics for the first time and are getting over enthusiastic. It was no doubt unpleasant for your man with his posters. A shame the man with the camera didn't step in to help - but just watched his friend in trouble. He probably also should apologise.

Time for everyone to grow up and be a bit more civilised I think.

Paul Burgin said...

The man, or possibly woman, with the camera, was probably too shocked to do anything!