Thursday, July 12, 2007

Two Memes

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Six English and Latin Hymns.

Well I don't know of any latin hymns as such. The closest being some of the Taize chants (unless you count pieces from things like Faure's Requiem), but my six favourite hymns are (in no particular order)

Dear Lord and Father of Mankind
Amazing Grace
The Lord's my Shepherd
Silent Night
Once in Royal David's City
Think of a World...

Five Things I Love About Jesus

He's incredibly, incredibly forgiving, especially when he knows everything, and I mean everything, about you

He doesn't take b******t from people

He goes on about peace, love, and understanding, but not in a woolly way

He's always there, even when it seems like he isn't and everything seems to be going wrong

He gives people choices, whilst not being neutral about everything

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Kerron said...

Nah, it's OK. I'm not sure people want to hear my views on these things!

Paul Burgin said...

Coward ;)

Kanakaberaka said...

Your mention of "Once in Royal David's City" reminds me of the festival of lessons and carols at Kings College. That's my all time favorite Christmas celebration piece. WQXR used to broadcast a recording of it every Chistmas Eve here in NYC. Sadly, in recent years they have discontinued the tradition. Happily, I have gotten a CD of the Lessons and Carols which I listen to every Christmas season.