Monday, August 13, 2007

Anthony Wilson 1950-2007

Thanks to Kerron and Rupa for inadvertently reminding me to blog about this.
There are not many self-proclaimed geniuses who actually measure up to their own expectations but Tony Wilson was one of them. He did much for music and youth culture and also did much for Manchester (he once drove back to the city on the way to take up a job in London, vowing to be forever loyal to the North West City).
Not only that, but he also had an appreciation for a variety of culture and an encyclopeadic brain for facts and figures.
He will be much missed and if anyone has not seen 24 Hour Party People, perhaps now is your chance!


rupahuq said...

Yeah sad news... was beginning to think my blog was turning into an RIP corner; Piara Khabra... Mike Reid even but I have resisted saying anything about John Biffen to blog on summat else today.

Paul Burgin said...

Thanks for reminding me about John Biffen ;), although given what happened today I can see why you did a different blog entry