Monday, August 06, 2007

David Tennant Leaving Doctor Who?

Personally I won't believe it until there is official news, but he has been Doctor for nearly the same length of time as Patrick Troughton and Peter Davison. Personally I would like him to continue until the end of the fifth series, but David Tennant has stated that he has always had a plan of how long he wants to be in the role.

In any case who can do the role justice after Eccleston and Tennant?


Skuds said...

Eddie Izzard?

Barry from Eastenders?

Julian Rhind-Tutt?

Stephen Fry?

Kerron Cross!!

Paul Burgin said...

lol! Barry from Eastenders would be interesting, but I think Kerron would make a good Doctor ;)

argento32 said...

To me there is one obvious actor to follow the great Tennant and thats Robeson Green from Wire In The Blood and Touching Evil.