From Russia With Love?

I am rather surprised and appalled by this! 1) It isn't helpful to the environment 2) It constitutes an old fashioned colonial landgrab 3) Even if they are right, which I contest, why now? 4) What does this say about visitors to the North Pole, Polar exploration in general and would this threaten any future trans-arctic expedition?
This also does not bode well for East/West diplomacy when we need to be pooling our resources in dealing with organisations like Al Queda


nullo said…
why now? 'cause now they know quite reliably that there is oil... a lot of it

no surprise, anyway. putin is going back to the soviet union, quite explicitly
Paul Burgin said…
But it's not as if they couldn't have tried this in the Soviet era! After all they did commit more audatious acts then

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