Greenbelt 07 Part VI

Well this will be my last posting from Cheltenham. Tomorrow morning I will do my ablutions by a cold tap for the last time and head off home after what has been a busy, but fruitful and enjoyable weekend.
In the end the N.Ireland talk got postponed until this afternoon, so I went to a talk on Iconography instead, followed by an informal meeting over drinks hosted by CSM. Someone from 18 Doughty Street, one Graham Smith, beat me to it by interviewing two of the CSM leaders, whilst I was there (My film camera battery went down without any immediate means of charging it). However all is not lost and I have been conducting the necessary interviews via my mobile phone camera.
This morning I went to a Taize worship service, followed by a talk on what the newspapers have been saying, hosted by the redoubtable Cole Morton of the Independent on Sunday. I also went to a talk on climate change (rather depressing, nothing new mentioned, but with the hope there is still a chance) and have now had my fill of talks and rested with a cup of Chai Tea and a book on C.S. Lewis that I brought.
Will hopefully do a postscript on events tomorrow


Anonymous said…
I think you mean Cole Moreton - I am Doug Gay and I don't work for the Independent on Sunday - nor did I give that talk.... best

James Higham said…
Taize worship service?
Paul Burgin said…
Thanks for the correction Doug, have changed accordingly

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