Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Lembit Touts for the Lib Dem nomination for London Mayor..

(Press Association)
Well if there was a very slim chance the Lib Dems would do well in the Mayoral elections next year it has gone now.

I don't know, Boris for the Conservatives, Lembit for the Lib Dems, both have a difficulty in being taken too seriously, both represent Parliamentary seats outside London! Obviously as a Labour Party member I like to see beatable opponents but this not only a bit silly, but it's a bit of an insult to the people of London.
That said, the nature of politics means that we have to take them as serious threats simply because they are opponents, but this does kind of make you want to smile!

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BaldockBaldrick said...

I agree that Lembit is a bit of a joke (though he is one of the few recognisable Lib Dems), but smile at Johnson at your peril. I don't think BJ will win, I think Ken has convinced a lot of voters that he can push through necessary (and sometimes controversial) and for that reason alone people are starting to respect him. Not as many people respect Johnson but we are in the era of the political celebrity and anything can happen.