Friday, August 10, 2007

Lord Lucan May Be Alive Somewhere, But Not Farming in New Zealand

(Photos, BBC Online)
You know the press are indulging in the silly season when you see stories like this appear in the front pages.

Before it was clear that he was NOT Lord Lucan, I knew he wasn't as soon as I saw his photo.

Apart from the fact that he is likely to be dead (or else running a Westminster blog), he just didn't look right. The nose being different for one thing. In any case if anyone knows anything about the errant Earl, he would hardly be running a small farm in New Zealand. If he did escape abroad, which is plausible, then he probably went to Southern Africa and spent the rest of his life gambling away whatever money he had.

Incidentally if anyone else has any theories about what has happened to him(about the missing Earl, not the blogger), feel free to speculate here

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Anonymous said...

Lord Lucan is alive and living under an assumed name. He is married and his wife probably doesn't know his true identity. I live in Derwent Drive, Shaw, Oldham, Greater Manchester. Lord Lucan lives on Trent Road, Shaw, Oldham, Greater Manchester, I am not sure what number Trent Road. Having seen pictures of Lord Lucan and seen the man in the flesh there can be no mistake it is the missing Earl. The man keeps himself to himself and does not seem to want to draw attention to himself. On one occasion when I passed him on the road; whilst he was having a conversation with a neighbour I was struck by the accent he had it was not the run of the mill everyday northern accent rather it was a more refined and you could say posh accent! Hope this information is helpful to you I believe that the mystery of Lord Lucan has been resolved for me at least, I am sure the man is the missing Earl.