Princess Diana - Ten Years On. Part Two

I didn't see the Memorial Service I have to say and I agreed with the Bishop of London's call for the conspiracy theorists to cease their petty point scoring. I appreciate that it is horrible to think that anyone died simply because of the stupidity of a drunk driver, including Princess Diana, but there is no hard evidence whatsoever that she was murdered, and the Daily Express had better take more concern over their failing prices and that they are now a laughing stock amongst the rest of the media (with a circulation of less than 800,000) and Mohammed Al Fayed (who has an alleged friendship with one or two Express people) had better consider the feelings of Princess Diana's sons.
But that said, I also feel that whilst it is good to remember Princess Diana, there are many others who have done worthy things who are not remembered so well! Mother Teresa of Calcutta for one, who died ten years ago next week. Or another the family of another Royal relative, Lord Mountbatten, who was murdered nearly thirty years ago this week. His family have shown amazing strength and stoicism over that awful tragedy and no one (and I suspect they much prefer it that way) has noticed that.
If people want to serve Diana's memory well, then it is better to follow her example and help others and not speculate about her death which does no one any favours.


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