Friday, August 31, 2007

Princess Diana - Ten Years On

What I want to say here is probably best served in two posts, so with Part One, I thought I would ask myself the questions Paul Linford posed for himself on his blog:

Where was I when I first found out?

At home, I was shortly to start my final year at University and I was woken up at about 5:30 in the morning by my Mum walking upstairs and crying, I sat up and she must of heard me or I must have called out and asked what was wrong and she said "Princess Diana has been killed in a car crash!"

What was my initial reaction?

Shock. The feeling of a pit in my stomach, and then dashing downstairs to watch the news where I swiftly felt very angry about what, at the time, looked like the fault of the Papparratzi.

Was it really Tony Blair and Alastair Campbell's finest hour?

I don't think that's possibly the way to see it. I think the best answer is that at that time, both men had an ability to gauge the mood of the nation and were able to respond accordingly

Did I think the Monarchy would be overthrown?

Not once, although I did think many people let their hearts rule their head and didn't use their brains with their "Show us you care!" attitude towards the Queen. First of all we are talking about a different generation here, secondly she was spending time with her grandsons, the very people who needed care and support at that time.

Did Britain fall victim to an outbreak of mass hysteria?

I think there were varying degrees of emotion from different people. There was definetly a national sense of loss though, and I think that was due to a no of reasons. Whatever one thinks of Princess Diana though, she was unique and showed concern for people and institutions at the very time such concern was needed to be shown.


Gordon's Gofer said...

oh good god man get a grip. she was just a poor lass killed in a car crash by a drunk driver.

C4' said...

You do know that Tony Blair had Diana murdered because she was a political and popular threat to his emotional hold over the British public. She had to go as far as the Nulabs were concerned.

Paul Burgin said...

Gordon, I was simply responding to a lot of media interest and I agree in that many people suffer the same fate and it doesn't get the same attention.
c4' I trust that is a joke, although it's not a very good one

C4' said...

Do I look like I'm joking?

Paul Burgin said...

Oh yes, silly of me to think so!