Sunday, August 05, 2007

Summer Holiday!

(Press Association)
Not only has the Prime Minister been spending his holiday in the UK and cut it short to deal with the Foot and Mouth situation, but he has suggested that it is good for Britons to holiday in the UK!
I have to say he has a point. How many of us who have enjoyed travelling abroad have been pretty much around most of Great Britain? Why indeed go on holiday to the South of France or to Spain when you have the West Coast of Scotland, the Scilly Isles off Cornwall, or the Norfolk Broads, or the Cotswolds!
I am not criticising holidays abroad mind you, but it's good to have the variety and, incidentally, as the PM has been leading by example where will David Cameron spend his holiday?

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brrd said...

becuase it's hotter and one is more likely to get a tan.