Monday, September 24, 2007

Brown and a General Election

(BBC Online)
I am not so sure, I admit, that he wouldn't call one in the autumn (opposed to my views earlier this year), but on reflection, if he does, then we are ready and willing to fight one. Gordon Brown has had an impressive 100 days as Prime Minister, dealing well with some potential crises, and if now is the time to call on the endorsement of the British people, then so be it. Either way suits us fine.


PJP said...

An impressive 100 days as PM? What has he done? What choices did he make in regards to the floods or Foot and Mouth? None - he just followed standard procedure and had meetings to make it look like he was doing things!

The first time he had a real choice - over the banking crisis, and most think he made the wrong one. Read the Economist this week as it argues the case far more powerfully than I could that he made the wrong decision.

Paul Burgin said...

What was wrong with government intervention. The public appreciated it (the queues stopped), plus the latest polls show that, and didn't Michael Heseltine, when he was at the DTI, say he would intervene to help failing UK businesses morning, noon, and night if it was worth it!