Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Gordon's Speech

(BBC Online)
I liked it. Inclusive, resisted the temptation to bash the other political parties and the odd unpleasant joke about their leaders (will David Cameron be able to do the same, and see if George Osborne will make a speech at the next Tory Conference without a nasty dig at Gordon Brown). It was mature, thoughtful, and concise, making great play on the values of hard work, inclusivity, and Britishness. Aims which Labour don't keep shouting about (only occasionally ;) ) and yet actually help create.


Wolfie said...

However he did make a lot of promises that I don't think he'll be able to keep. Simply because the finances are simply not there or he won't be able to realise them. They are unlikely to materialise from thin air.

Jam, jam and more jam.

Paul Burgin said...

We shall see wolfies, we shall see