Friday, September 28, 2007

Labour's Champagne Moment

Now I am not suggesting complacency here, but every so often Labour activists ought to smile at each other and say "Isn't this great!"

This week has been one of those times. First of all we have a Prime Minister who has overcome the odds. The Tories thought he was damaged goods and I remember defending Gordon on 18 Doughty Street when Iain Dale seemed to take it for granted that the Conservatives would see the open fields once Tony Blair left office. More on Iain in a moment.

We have also seen Boris Johnson selected as Conservative candidate for Mayor of London in 2008. Boris is a clever guy and, in some cases entertainment value. But he has also shown dangerous judgement and hopefully, when it comes to the ballot box, Londoners will go for the puritan they know, as opposed to the laughing cavailler.

Another point to consider is this. On Monday, Gordon never once mentioned the Conservatives or Lib Dems, never once attacked them. This was decent and statesman-like and mature. It also contrasts sharply with David Cameron forgoing his commitment to avoid "Punch and Judy politics" and Iain Dale's call for a "Total War" on the government. You see, once you back the Conservatives into a corner, as decent as a no of individuals within their Party are, they always show their unpleasant side.

So this weekend we can smile as we see the Tories starting to panic and trying to cover their fear by getting angry and vicious, as we can plot our course for the next few years. It will be difficult, it won't be perfect (this is human nature), but we will work further to make this country a darn sight better than the mess the Tories created in eighteen years.


Lord Higham- Murray said...

The only reason your lot will see another five years, Paul, is Cameron. Sorry but it's so.

PJP said...

At the moment, it is the job of the Conservatives to oppose the government. As you are well aware, we have an adversarial system in the UK. The government should "get on with the job" whilst the opposition should oppose them. Hence the name 'opposition'.

Paul Burgin said...

higham there are a no of reasons why any Party loses an election, it won't be just Cameron's fault if you lose next time! PJP I take your point, but likewise it is the job of the opposition to be consiensious in opposing the government, not just looking for cheap gain so in that respect George Osborne's personal attacks on Gordon Brown are diminishing the role of opposition.

PJP said...

I guess I will take your point and meet you in the middle. If you were 11 points behind and about to lose an election I bet you would feel like insulting the likely victor though!! :-P