Sunday, September 30, 2007

They Say Its Your Birthday..

Well its been a bit of a spoilt weekend, what with dinner and drinks with friends in London, being complimented by said friends in my taste in venues (which does my ego well, but I only discover these places by being invited to events myself), and having more attention than I expected from friends and relatives (do they know something I don't? :/).

Not only that, but the presents were top notch. As well as the cup from my parents, one couple sent me a selection of Fairtrade teas. The delightful S, my former girlfriend, got me a fleece. My brother got me a book on annual spendings on waste, my sister, a book on Shakespeare by Bill Bryson, what more can a guy ask for! Well a lot actually, but C'est la vie ;)

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Andre said...

Happy (belated) Birthday