Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Blogging and abuse

I have to say it wasn't until this evening that I bothered to read Devil's Kitchen for the first time in a while (not really my cup of tea really), but I have to say I was amazed at the bile aimed in my direction, simply because I raised a concern about the way Gordon Brown has had criticism thrown at him.
Just a couple of points in response

1) Mentioning the Bullingdon Club is acceptable in context of Cameron and Johnson, or indeed any other Conservative. A no of Tories have been members and there is concern in some quarters as to whther the Tories have changed, or whether they are the Nasty Party etc.. Now I accept totally and completely that both Cameron and Johnson bitterly regret their association with such a club, however, the simple matter of it merely appearing to be a breeding ground for some small amount of Conservatives is something that should be looked at for all concerned

2) The simple abuse thrown has helped in the somewhat misleading view that the Tories and other right-wingers in general arerather unpleasant. A view, I might care to add, that I don't agree with. As for being sanctimonius, I admit that I am as capable of that as Chris Mounsey and I apologise. Maybe I should be more careful in my critiques, but I wasn't aiming to be unkind to anyone and I have clearly walked over sore wounds without realising. Which I admit does surprise me, as I was worried I might have given Iain offence and I do have some respect for the blogfather.


Paul Linford said...

Agree the level of vitriol is, to say the least, unmerited.

Paul Burgin said...

Well it only shows them up

the dĂșnadan said...

To paraphrase Fr Gabriel from The Mission, what I read at the Devil's Kitchen and Tom Paine blogs was laughable. If they are silly enough to say anymore, I will just laugh all the more. Certainly they wrote nothing that could ever be taken seriously. Well done to you for being so measured in your response.

Devil's Kitchen said...

Yup, fair enough, Paul. I just like annoying people. I'm impressed at your measured response: if you weren't a socialist, I'd be tempted to lob you in with the good guys.

As it is, I'll lob you in with Neil Harding, who annoys the living shit out of me, and who I abuse near-endlessly, but is unfailingly polite in return. Wrong, but polite.


PJP said...

You should not bother to advertise such comments!

Paul Burgin said...

Well Chris, I don't see the point in not being polite, but thankyou.
PJP, at least one of those blogs has a high readership and I did hesitate about responding as I wondered if it was worth it, but I felt I ought to state my case as it were

Politaholic said...

"...totally and utterly"? A bad attack of Kinnockitis there, I think. Mind you, he liked three-parters didn't he: "...totally, utterly and completely". That sort of thing.