Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Christmas in Autumn!

Here is something. Do you get irritated like me, when you see Christmas decorations up, hear adverts for anything to do with Christmas shopping. In October!!!
I appreciate that, if I hold a Christmas Party I start inviting people fairly early on, but thats because there is a rat race to book a place and get hold of friends before they are invited elsewhere. I also appreciate that some scholars believe that the Nativity probably happened in September, or else you would not likely get shepherds out in the fields, but even so...


Andre said...

I can't stand Christmas adverts in October

I don't agree with the clergy that often (probably never) but I do agree that Christmas lost most of it's significance. Nowadays it's all about marketing - not to mention the stress of buying all the presents on time, avoiding the rush, getting tickets for the panto, get enough booze just in case you have a last minute invite or someone pops round (or you just need to have a drink due to stress)... it's a never ending headache.

Letters From A Tory said...

I saw a Facebook group called 'Campaign to ban the merchandising of Christmas until December' - quite tempted to sign up.

Maybe we need a Downing Street petition?

Paul Burgin said...

Have joined it. As for the Downing Street petition, I don't think its worth it but I do think that people who are fed up with this ought to be a bit more vocal

Tim said...

Yeah - I've tried the Downing Street petitions and what a waste of time!

Great to come across a Christian political blogger - I couldn't find a link to contract you directly so decided to post on here. I don't know a huge amount about politics but like to take an interest. I'm more of a Tory but open to persuasion!

Tim said...

You don't have to agree with the clergy - it's what God says that matters!

Cassilis said...

Should your campaign need a theme tune (and if you can tolerate the American refrences) you could do worse than Loudon Wainwright III's 'Suddenly it's Christmas':

"Suddenly it's Christmas,
right after Halloween.
Forget about Thanksgiving
that's just a buffet in between"

Paul Burgin said...

Tim, glad my blog meets with your approval
Cassilis, Now there's a thought ;)