Monday, October 08, 2007

Comings and Goings

I was not surprised, but rather disapointed to read on Iain Dale's blog that Ann Widdecombe plans to stand down at the next general election. I mean, she may be an opponent, but she is one of the few opposition politicians I am rather fond of and think she sometimes has a breezy style of common sense which we all need to hear from time to time.
Am not sure about her political acumen with regard to those politicians outside the Party structure though ;)


On other news it seems that Tony Benn is interested in standing for Parliament again. I say that as opposed to wanting to return to Parliament, as Tony is standing in a Tory fiefdom, so I think he is just trying to make a point somewhere. That said I wish him well and incidentally I have recently been reading through his latest volume of diaries which came out last week. They are definetly worth buying, esp as each volume seems to get better, or ratherwe live in a political climate where, whether you agree with Benn or not (and a lot of the time I don't), his views are worth looking at and taking into consideration.

Oh and I came across this gem on YouTube. Its a Labour Party Broadcast from the 1959 general election campaign which Tony Benn hosted

(Labour Party)


Andre said...

I never could get where Widdecombe stands on certain issues - she's definitely a social conservative - but where does she stand on other issues?

On the other hand regarding Tony Benn - I listen to his point of view and sometimes he makes a lot of sense - but sometimes I just think he got it totally wrong. Did Benn ever agree with the leader of the time? He seems to have a problem with all Labour leaders he served under (except maybe Attlee)

Letters From A Tory said...

Not entirely sure what Tony Benn is trying to achieve, as he will probably lose quite badly in a Tory stronghold.

Ann Widdecombe is good for politics and often sparks debates, which I think is all too rare these days.

Paul Burgin said...

I think Benn tends to be open about his political feelings, so if he disagreed with a leader he disagreed with them, although that wouldn't mean that he was not broadly supportive of them!
I would also like to know what he is trying to achieve, but I am equally sure that he knows that Kensington and Chelsea is a very tough nut to crack