Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Conference Blues Part II

With regards to the recent Facebook scandal, I am glad that the Conservative hierarchy moved to act in a quick and responsible fashion, but it once again raises the question as to how out of touch are many activists within the Conservative Party?
But that is not the only problem the Tories have faced. There is Michael Brown who, according to yesterday's Evening Standard, was heard to say loudly in a conversation that he hoped the Conservatives would lose so that Cameron would get into trouble (there's loyalty for you), as well as foreboding comments from Max Hastings and Dominic Lawson, hardly Social Democrats.
A failed autocue won't be the Conservatives only problems it seems.


Man in a Shed said...

The Indie is just full of hate a bile these days.

Man in a Shed said...

By the way what do you think of Gordon Brown's shameless performance today ? - see BBC report here.

PJP said...

I will take your silence over our new policies to mean that you think they are good and sensible? :P

Letters From A Tory said...

Oh come on, are you seriously trying to tell me that everyone in the Labour Party loves Gordon Brown? Not a chance. The traditional left-wingers probably can't bear the sight of him, seeing as he is more centre-right than Blair ever was.

Red and White said...

Right now I consider myself a Tory who is not out of touch. Surely DC's presence on Facebook shows he is IN touch?

Anyway, I'm sorry to intrude but I can't get your e-mail anywhere. I loved your "twenty questions for a blogger" feature. I wondered if I could have the honour of answering the questions or at least copying the questions over to my own site and answering them myself? Thanks.

Paul Burgin said...

First of all, apologies for the poor links and being slow to respond, being busy and having computer problems equals minor blogging nightmare.
Secondly, Parliament is in recess so if an important policy announcement needs to be made what should the PM do in those circumstances!
Thirdly, you mean low taxes PJP, that is a cheap and easy way to get Tory votes and it has been done before just prior to an election e.g. 1992
Fourthly, no letters, not everyone in Labour loves Gordon but some of those who disliked Tony love him
Greg, I need to interview some more bloggers, so if you give me your e-mail address (which I won't publish) I will be in touch

Gotta go


Lord Higham-Johnson said...

Paul, you get an awful lot of Tory readers, I see. Where are the Labour boys and girls. They do read, don't they?

Paul Burgin said...

Two reasons. One I appear on 18 Doughty Street from time to time and am one of their citizen journalists. Two many of them are working so hard helping to secure that fourth term when they are not blogging themselves ;)

PJP said...

It's true, I only ever heard of you because of Doughty Street.

Man in a Shed said...

For this Tory - I comment here occasionally as you seem like a reasonable person who one day could be persuaded of the damage that socialism does to the soul of our country and to the most vulnerable in it.

Don't scoff - I was on holiday with old Labour voting friends from university last Easter, I've given up talking politics to them years ago. One morning the husband pipes up - I'm voting Conservative, there's just no alternative. Trying not to choke on my cornflakes - I latter try his wife's response. She has changed since becoming a school governor and seeing the massive interference from the Labour government and the spectacular waste.

Believe me if I told them they would have said this 20 years ago I would have had a pint of beer poured over my head.

I think you know all is not right with socialist politics, and its easy to garb the unattractive aspects of Conservative politics to reassure yourself - but as Mrs T (Gordon's new best friend) said "the facts of life do inevitably turn out to be Tory".

PS Gordon Brown is a monster - and it is to the Labour party's direct shame that they had no election for leader. Its odd because you do have many people of principle who must be disgusted by the spin and manipulation of government for personal advantage, as much as we are.

Paul Burgin said...

Well thankyou for thinking I am reasonable although I am not sure how that leaves my Labour colleagues in your eyes.
Actually I have been a political animal for about twenty years now and if anything I have always been somewhat of a centerist, although in my early teens I tended to support the Liberals (Just before the merger).
I am also aware that all is not well with Socialism (although I am more of a Social Democrat than a socialist. A corporatist if you like), but it is a question of looking at what is best for the country out of a series of imperfect systems. There are some industries which I think are better off in the private sector and some which I think are better off nationalised, what I like to see is a social system of checks and balances because as far as I am concerned both widespread nationalisation and widespread privatisation can cause misery and unaccountability for those in control.
As for spin, I am disgusted by some of the Tories antics, not least George Osborne's personal attacks on Gordon Brown as opposed to constructive criticism.