General Election. The Morning After

Given that we are now facing a general election some time in the future, as opposed to within weeks, one wonders even more what the result will be, although the following is not in doubt

Your thoughts. The morning after the general election, if your side wins

Thank God

Look at those seats we have gained/kept. The ______ (insert name of your party here) will find that difficult to dislodge

Good to have a spring in my step this morning

Oh look, here comes ________ he/she was being smug, crowing away that the others would win. Not smirking now

Although ___________ seems a bit upset. I suppose I ought to make some kind gesture without looking like I am rubbing it in

Lets have a look at all those newspapers biased against us! This will be fun after the abuse they have given us!

Five more years/Five years of this Party in government, who would have thought it!

And if your side loses

Oh no, you are kidding!

They gained _______ Those ****** gained _______!

I wonder about this country sometimes, I really do!

Oh no, they voted in _____ That *******! The thought of that odious ****** in the Commons!

And to think I have to go into work and face _______ he/she has been smug throughout and won't resist rubbing it in!

I can't face even looking at some of the newspapers today

Five years/Five more years of them! Its so unfair!

(And hopefully....)

________ brought me a coffee/tea and didn't mention the election once. Considering he/she supports ______ that was really kind of him/her

Actually there is a challenge for you. If your side wins the morning after the next general election, would you make a point of being kind towards anyone you know on the opposition. I like to think I would!


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