Sunday, October 07, 2007

Gordon's Decision

The Conservatives may start slating Gordon Brown for not calling an electon, but there is a difference between considering and going back on one's word.

There is more to this than just posturing. Right now we have been dealing with various crisies during the summer and whilst they are managable, to call an election now would be irresponsible. Government is there to conduct the affairs of state, not just attacking the opposition.

In any case now we shall see if the Tories can hold a united front, as Donal Blaney showed in his recent post on Conservative Home


Greg said...

It still does not bode well for Brown though. He basically beat around the bush and almost seemed to be daring Cameron to call his bluff. Cameron did a very good 'unscripted' speech and then - and only then - did Brown suddenly decide not to go for it.

I'm one of your new readers and I'm really enjoying your blog.

Letters From A Tory said...

How can he have gone back on his word, seeing as 'his word' would have meant calling an election?

Sorry, but this is just as weak as Gordon Brown's backtracking excuses.

Paul Burgin said...

Glad you like it Greg
Look, Gordon didn't say at any point "Look I might feel like calling an election shortly" or anything like that. One thing he did do was check the Polls and how the marginals are doing and any Prime Minister worth his or her salt would do that every so often as a matter of course. The problem now is that the Conservatives went into Blackpool, all united thinking that an election could be imminent and now there is the threat of in-fighting again

Red and White said...

BTW "greg" is my real name, I usually log in under this screen name you can see now :-)

Of course Gordon didn't say outright what he was thinking, politicians rarely do. I still think he was calling DC's bluff and paid the price.

I look forward to answering your 'twenty questions'. Keep up the good blogging.