Sunday, October 14, 2007

Time and Chance

It is true that events can be the nemesis of a government but the same can equally be said of an opposition. David Davis's recent calls for the Conservatives to remain united show this and it does make you wonder what is going on behind the scenes now that a general election no longer appears to be around the corner. As for the attacks on Gordon Brown, they are bitter in a way that makes you wonder if the Conservatives are afraid of him!


Letters From A Tory said...

The Conservatives should be punishing Gordon Brown for his pathetic performances recently, which is precisely what they're doing - no shame in that.

David Davis is just calling for cool heads after what has been a great week or so for the party. Let's face it, things can only get better for Labour so the Conservatives need to stay focussed.

Paul Burgin said...

But there is a line to be drawn somewhere concerning how you criticise your opponents and some of the attacks do seem personal
As for Things Can Only Get Better, you forget, thats one of Labour's old taglines ;)