Wednesday, October 10, 2007

University Politics

(University of Bedfordshire)
Following Iain and Paul's posts I suppose I am unique among political bloggers in that, when I was at Luton University (now the University of Bedfordshire) I avoided student politics.

I wasn't exactly totally out of the picture, being a member of the Christian Union executive which was affiliated to the Student Union I attended SU AGM's and once attacked a member of the SWP over a motion they were putting forward, although perhaps given that I stated I was a CU rep, I should have not made the one or two cheap jibes I made in my comments, which I have thankfully forgotten. One of the great things about being a Christian, you find it helps moderate your behaviour without diluting what you say, only it didn't on that occasion.

That said, student politics did not attract me, I was at my least interested in politics then and yet to join Labour (in spite of the attempts of my late friend Tammy Wilband, who later got shortlisted for Camarthen West in early 2004). I also found student politicians to be self regarding and disliked the election campaigns because those who stated what the problems were and how they could deal with them did not get elected and those who had flashy campaigns and promising things without putting down much, if any detail on how they would go about acheiving their aims, did tend to get elected. Sometimes I despair over how people can so easily be won over by the glitziness and shallowness of a particular campaign.

But they were good years and ones which I look back with affection. The 1997 election happened during my second year and I stayed up all night with some friends to watch that, all of us pleased to see a change of government after so long. How many students have experienced that kind of moment during their time at Uni/College? ;)


Andre said...

I'm at Uni... and I try to stay away from Student politics; as you said it's always the people who know how to manage their image and have more style over substance that manage to get elected. Anyway, the party I support has dreadful leadership, so that must change before I get more involved.

Tim Roll-Pickering said...

I would post something but I think I'll wait until either I've graduated or all my friends have finished their terms of office.

Letters From A Tory said...

Student politics is not bad as a debating society and it gets you some decent experience, but it's not exactly like politics in the 'real world'.

Paul Burgin said...

Doing an Alistair Campbell Tim? ;)
Tory and Andre I see your points

rupahuq said...

I had the 1992 debacle in my 2nd year. Tried to get off my exams for "post election traumatic distress diorder" but they weren't having any of it.