Friday, November 23, 2007

Bi Annual Bloggers Social

I really should have mentioned this already, although many fellow blogging friends on Facebook have known for a while, but some of us are holding an informal Bi-Annual bloggers social at the Red Lion pub in Whitehall (Parliament Street for the pedants) on Saturday 1st December from 5:30PM. Among those welcome are the lads at Fisking Central, PJ's Politics , Prague Tory , Ellee Seymour , BaldockBaldrick , Paul Linford , Rachel from North London , Don Paskini , Skuds' Sister's Brother , The Done Thing , Rullsenberg Rules , and Normal Mouth .
If the invite list seems smaller than usual, it is because these are the people who I don't think I have invited yet, my apologies for that and for not letting you guys know earlier, I have been somewhat busy of late.
In any case let me know whether you are able to attend




Lisa Rullsenberg said...

We may already be (over-committed) even though we're in London that weekend.... Darnation! Hope you have a good one.

Ellee said...

It's going to be difficult for me, but thanks for the invite, and I hope you have fun.

PJP said...

No idea yet! Will let you know. Thanks for the offer.

Paul Linford said...


Ta very much for the invite - ironically I am paying one of my relatively infrequent visits to London that day, and will be even within a mile or two of the Red Lion - but unfortunately I will be in the middle of a wedding reception at 5.30pm!

Rachel said...

Thanks - would have lied to come but am off to see in laws. Have a good session.