Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Doughty Street and ID Cards

Was somewhat busy yesterday, as I seem to be more often these days and hence the lack of postings. However if you want to watch my appearance on 18 Doughty Street on Monday evening, then you can watch it here.

Last night I attended a debate hosted by David's Bookshop on whether people had anything to fear from ID Cards. David Blunkett spoke for the motion; that people had nothing to fear, and Simon Carr of The Independent spoke against. It was lively, albeit polite and friendly enough, although I left still having misgivings about the issue. That said I am very sympathetic to the idea behind them and wonder if there is some third option, although I doubt it!

But that's one of the great things about political ideas, you can go back and forth with them and look for alternatives and/or modify the existing idea.


Red and White said...

In Thailand the people have had ID cards for a long time. They actually care for them in the same way we care for our passports i.e. "Don't lose them or you're stuck!".

They are used for ID in hotels, proof of age at the pub, ID if the police stop you for speeding etc.

I think most opposition to them is based around paranoia.

Paul Burgin said...

The thing is though, when you start putting laws like that in, you can't go back and who is to say they don't get amended in the future!