Thursday, November 29, 2007

Iain's Monthly Political Performance Index

Iain Dale has launched a Monthly Political Performance Index for his blog, where readers can assess from one to ten how various UK Politicians have done in the past month. You can find the details here.
Personally am a bit dubious about the results being genuine, considering that 55% of his readers are Conservative and that some of them have a narrow-minded dislike of the Labour Party and those of us who are members, but if more people go there and vote in a spirit of open mindedness then that should deal with the situation.
Or maybe I am being too hopeful :/


Tom Paine said...

Your hypocrisy is - as always - quite breathtaking. Labour bloggers who call Tories "evil" are merely passionate. Tory bloggers who criticize the corrupt ruling party are not "open minded". Thanks for the regular insights into your alternative reality.

Someone somewhere said...

You're being made a stooge for a Tory to say that the blogosphere hates the Labour Party and Gordon Brown.

He's a Tory that hates the Labour Party and masquerades behind a call for "dispassionate" debate. Rubbish

Jon Worth said...

You're right to be sceptical, but after all Dale is clever in his use of the internet, something that cannot be said for many people (any?) on the Labour side.

Paul Burgin said...


In what way am I being a hypocrite?
Where Alex is concerned, if you read the post again you will find that I criticised him for his actions and I think he was being blind in his attacks, I also know him to be rather passionate in his arguments, but I cannot see how saying that whilst being critical of his actions is hypocritical when I criticise Tory bloggers. I mean, its clear they are fairly passionate.

Someone somewhere, I never said that, I simply said that 55% ofIain's readers are Tories.

Jon I wish I could disagree with you