Thursday, November 01, 2007

Mars Hill Blog Stats (Oct 2007)

Top Ten Cities listed (from where people visit Mars Hill)

Northampton, London, San Jose, Prague, Lexington, Paris, Quezon City, Newbury, Worthing, St. Joseph

Top Ten Countries listed (In order of most visits to my blog)

United Kingdom

United States


Czech Republic







For those who have started reading my blog in the last month, or who have returned after an absence, a warm welcome to you all

Top Ten Blog/Web Visitors

1) PJ's Politics (NEW-ish)

2) Kerron Cross - The Voice of the Delectable Left (+ 7)

3) Paul Linford (NEW-ish)

4) Cally's Kitchen (+ 3)

5) Confessions of an athiest (-1)

6) My (NEW-ish)

7) Fair Deal Phil (NEW)

8) The Last Ditch (NEW)

9) Daily Pundit (- 1)

10) Justice for Leyton Ward (NEW)

Out of the Top Ten are Iain Dale (13th place), Tim Roll-Pickering (11th place), Mike Ion, British Blogs, Never Trust a Hippy, and Rupa Huq (12th place)

Top Ten Searchwords that lead people to my blog


boris johnson criticisms of macpherson

doctor who - utopia

political cartoons

sore eyes

mar's hill

london underground dinner party

copy of mark anthony's oration over funeral julius ceasar

life on mars tim taller

dinner party london underground


PJP said...

Do you think it is a coincidence that I started working full time this month and also logged onto blogs more and more often as the month went on?!

Paul Burgin said...

Probably not

PJP said...


Red and White said...

I'm working on improving the number of "Thailand" hits for you :-)