Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Queen and Prince Philip's Sixtieth Anniversary

(Associated Press)
Well sixty years of marriage in any day and age is something of an achivement, and we congratulate them on that. One thing though, it's amazing to find the places snobbery pervades sometimes ;)


Praguetory said...

Happy with how your lot is running the country?

Paul Burgin said...

In general yes I am. The Conservatives wouldn't have put in the National Minimum Wage for starters. I am also happy with the Queen's role as Head of State

Andre said...

and out of all the countries in the world she chose Malta as the place to spend the night of her 60th Wedding Anniversary.

I can't not feel proud lol.

rosegenie said...

Amazed to find that the Queen was married just days apart from my parents (although their anniversary yesterday was only their 33rd!!)