Friday, November 23, 2007

Those Tories again!

Check out Kerron's blog piece on how one Conservative MP seems to think that Nuclear Power stations are more asthetically pleasing than wind turbines.

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Hughes Views said...

Ah - misrepresenting the inimitable D H-A eh? Of course he said no such thing. But one not very beautiful nuclear power station produces roughly eighty times as much electricity as one questionably beautiful on-shore wind-farm whilst occupying roughly half the land area. Therefore you need to cover about 160 times more of the planet’s surface with wind turbines than with nuclear power stations to get the same output!

No one says that nuclear is the only answer any more than anyone (sensible) says that renewables are. We need a mixture of alternative sources to gas and coal fired power stations otherwise we'll be completely dependant on overseas supplies and liable to dying in millions when we run out of fresh water and hospitals (to say nothing of warmth, the internet or commerce) because we don't have a reliable electricity supply to drive them.

Back to eighteenth century life expectancies anyone?