Friday, November 09, 2007

A Tory Stereotype that is true!

(Harrow Times)
This little piece of news isn't much known about yet, but I have to say that I was appalled and disgusted at the crass insensitivity. I appreciate that the councillors concerned thought it was all a laugh, but I doubt the communities who faced the funding cuts thought so and if they had been on the receving end of such treatment I doubt they would too.
If they fail to apologise then I hope local Labour activists will remind voters in their next leaflet campaign what they have done and if they still fail to apologise, to remind voters at the next council elections.

Incidentally, Kris Brown has started a Facebook group condemming this unpleasant prank, if you wish you can join it here.

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rupahuq said...

Agreed Paul. This is idiotic in the extreme. Meanwhile the Tories round my way have been trying to ban halloween