Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Bi Annual Bloggers Social: The Fourth Occasion

Meant to blog on this earlier but I didn't have the time.

The embarrassing thing is that this event (the fourth of it's kind) had only two attendees, namely Tim Roll-Pickering and myself. I had an awfrul feeling that it would pan out along those lines, you just know when you are planning an event if you have mistimed it and Dec 1st (although not the first date picked) is not a good time. Not only that but a misundersatnding over the booking did further dampen things.
On the positive side I had a good evening with one of my favourite political opponents in the blogosphere, esp as we both have a brain for political statistics, although I think Tim has the sharper brain.
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Paul Linford said...

A shame. I would have been there if I had not been at a wedding listening to two of the filthiest best men's speeches I have ever heard.

Paul Burgin said...

Was it one of those Best Men's speeches where you look at the food on your plate in embarrasment and look up to see a grim-faced bride and groom?