Saturday, December 22, 2007

I'm Back

Also published on the CPF Blog:

Well it's not as if I have been away, but what with having had a twenty-four hour flu bug and what with busying around helping prepare for Christmas it does feel like that.
Of course in the meantime we have seen Nick Clegg declare his agnosticism and Tony Blair become a Roman Catholic. Contentious subjects, but at the risk of taking an unusal stand for a Christian I have no problem with a political leader being an agnostic or athiest. Well I admit I would rather they were Christian, but equally I prefer to judge them first on their capabilities and ability to do their job, and would prefer them to any candidate who talked the talk but didn't walk the walk, so to speak.
As for Blair becoming a Roman Catholic! Well his record in the past seems to be contradictory, but still, one sinner who repenteth eh.

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Red and White said...

I applaud your fair stand on this. Too many fo us allow our personal beliefs to affect our judgement of others. Running teh country should be a job free of prejudice.

Merry Christmas, Paul.