Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Nick Clegg and the Tory Lurrve

So Nick Clegg is the new Conservative leader and the Tories are shifting uncomfortably in their chairs.

They say that they want to form some kind of alliance with the new leader, but they also know that Clegg, one of the authors of the Orange Book, could siphon away Conservative votes if he plays his game carefully. And that would be really, really awful :)

So they try and seduce him, and as Iain Dale has pointed out , Caroline Spelman is already chatting Clegg up, asking him to help them defeat the Labour government. You know, the one that brought in the minimum wage, low unemployment, helped bring peace to Northern Ireland amongst other things.

Iain himself has also joined in by pointing out that Nick Clegg has kept his beloved Gio fed in dog biscuits, so it's clear that the Lib Dem leader has made a few Conservatives happy in a short space of time ;)

But if they want some free advice, I would say be careful. Conservatives know as well as Labour activists how unpleasant the Liberal Democrats can be. I can understand the predicament the Tories are in. A Clegg led Party is like a date who you know is bad but is oh so good! Just be careful and don't cry when you end up being dumped on.


lettersfromatory said...

Surely Labour are a little worried about the Lib Dems? If they push through some decent proposals e.g. for constitutional reforms, they could make Labour look very ordinary.

Paul Linford said...

It is interesting, isn't it, that even with a fifteen point lead in the opinion polls, David Cameron clearly doesn't believe the Tories are going to win the next election outright?